Shipping a product in 100 days

ANB AMRO | Tikkie
We joined ABN Amro in their challenge to ship a new product in 100 days.

This resulted in Tikkie: a mobile app that sends out a payment request in the blink of an eye.
Advancing money for a bill or gift? It’s perfectly normal, until you feel embarrassed asking friends to pay their share.
It's a hassle; sharing bank account numbers or paying back in cash. People can feel cheap or afraid they will come across as too pushy.
ABN AMRO bank saw an opportunity in this misery of the split bill: a trusted mobile app.
They came to The Main Ingredient for our expertise in validation, solution-finding and design thinking. Together we created a solution called Tikkie.
What we did
Together with the team of ABN AMRO we brought Tikkie alive.
We created focus on the absolute core of the product first. Simultaneously, we found the target audience and applied design thinking principles to shift into their perspective. Asking questions like:

      - What do they need?
      - What do they feel?
      - How can we help them best?

The result was the realisation that they craved an extremely easy-to-use product, available for everyone with a Dutch IBAN. So we set out to make a very straightforward first product.

Early stage validation helped to create a fully functional app in just two weeks. It got a lot of users smiling.
(de/het; m en
o; meervoud: tikkies)
Per smartphone verstuurd verzoek om te betalen
— Van Dale

A prize winning tool, making people financially fit