From MVPto travel revolution

NS | Hely
We joined NS in their mission to offer travellers more flexibility.

This resulted in Hely: a practical way to gather all forms of shared mobility in just one app.
The world of mobility is shifting.
Despite new infrastructure, research shows that traffic congestion will worsen, impacting peak-hour public transport. Railway company NS wanted to deploy Mobility as a service (MaaS) as an innovative contribution to solving this problem. This raised the wish of building a mobile application that makes various means of transport available, offered by multiple providers.
Hely makes various types of partial transport available in one app.
This means the user has suitable transport at hand at any time, in any situation. The vehicles are positioned on Hely Hubs in various residential areas, housing complexes and business parks throughout the Netherlands. This makes sharing smarter, more flexible and more accessible.
What we did
The Main Ingredient helped the team of Hely explore opportunities within the MaaS space.
We took a deep dive into the MaaS space and ended up with twelve propositions. Six of those were tested with real-live experiments in different Dutch cities.

The outcome of the experiment: we needed a mobile app that was neighbourhood-based.
After a growth hacking experiment, we identified three suitable neighbourhoods in Amsterdam where the demand for shared mobility was very high.

When neighbourhoods in Rotterdam and Delft joined, development started. We shaped the brand, designed the app and built the first version.

Shipping a product in 100 days