At The Main Ingredient, we’re deploying our knowledge, craftsmanship and experience to build ventures that genuinely create a positive impact. These are our core pillars:
Meeting and working with new people inspires. It leads to fresh ideas, exciting results and sometimes friendships.
Seeing a potential idea flourish is what ignites us. Just like a director seeing their movie on the white screen for the first time.
Change and innovation are contributing to a better world every day. They move society and the people in it forward.

Let’s play our part!
What we
value most
Create passionately
All the things we create need love and care. Nothing is more powerful. It makes us think positively, we push up against the limits. Only this leads to the moment where true innovative ideas emerge.
Team up
Successful teamwork is triggered by a blend of great effort, deep caring and trust. That’s how we truly support each other and everyone we work with. Together we can reach our most ambitious goals.
Always be sincere
We are sincere towards each other and all innovators we team up with. It’s important to be honest about ideas and expectations from the start. Let criticism be the nutrition for a flourishing venture.
Dare the unthinkable
Together we dream big. And we are not hesitant to share our dreams with others. This way, we grow closer to our partners. Knowing each other’s ambitions enables us to aim for the unthinkable.