A prize winning tool,
making people financially fit

APG | Geldvinder
We joined APG in their mission to improve financial fitness in the Netherlands.

This resulted in Geldvinder: a prize winning, accessible self-service tool that covers all aspects of financial fitness.
In 2020, research revealed that many people needed help with managing their money affairs.
Numbers showed that:

- 60% of the people in the Netherlands were not financially fit
- 1 out of 5 households had payment issues
- 62% of all employers had employees with financial problems
In line with their goal of being a trusted guide, APG wanted to improve people’s financial behaviour in a positive and activating way.
A successful proposition validation at an earlier stage showed this could be realised from an employer’s perspective.

Geldvinder helps people deal with complex issues like creating financial overview, solving debts and building a buffer. But Geldvinder also assists people to be financially prepared for unforgettable life events like buying a house or having a child.
The engine behind Geldvinder
We came up with a unique Financial Fitmodel, together with experts from advisory firm PwC.
This prize winning model provides insight in a customers financial fitness and rates it on a scale from 0% to 100%: the financial fitscore.

The fitmodel is leading throughout all of Geldvinder. Whether you’re planning a sabbatical leave or saving money for your child’s study, your fitscore is always telling you if you are still financially fit.
What we did
The Main Ingredient helped bring Geldvinder to life from A to Z.
We shaped the product vision, designed and developed it from scratch, and created its brand. Our in house writers wrote the content for the entire platform. We also deployed a smart growth strategy and launched a direct marketing campaign to get new organisations on board.

By June 2023, 23 leading employers added Geldvinder to their HR tools for employees.
"From the start, The Main Ingredient really shared our mission of helping everyone to become more financially fit. This true customer focus made us build a much better product.”
Felipe van Beetz
Product Owner - Geldvinder

Launching a subscription model,
from A to Z