Launching a subscription modelfrom A to Z

HEMA | babybox
We joined HEMA in their quest to give new parents more peace of mind by offering them a diaper subscription.

This resulted in Babybox: a convenient package consisting of 8 packs of baby wipes and 6 packs of diapers, which are delivered to your home for free.
How could we help HEMA, a household name for millions of Dutch people, support young parents in their first weeks?
Dutch department store chain HEMA wanted to introduce a subscription model, which they had never done before. This meant launching a completely new business model operation. Their online systems, administration, and distribution center were not yet equipped to handle recurring orders.

Another challenge was that HEMA didn't have a suitable pricing model. Subscription models have different financial dynamics than traditional sales models. Margins increase over time, but sales costs can be higher upfront.
The Main Ingredient got involved, given our experience in developing effective business models.
We helped HEMA design and build a complete subscription system for diapers from scratch, called Babybox.
What we did
We worked closely with HEMA to ensure that the new system met their needs and was easy to use for customers and employees.
We made a number of changes to HEMA's systems and processes to prepare them for the new subscription model, including adjusting the online systems, ensuring the administration was prepared, and helping set up the distribution center.

Additionally, we developed a subscription model, implemented an automatic payment system and made order inclusion possible.

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