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December 12, 2017

FinancieelVitaal gives insight and action on your financial situation after retiring

Zwitserleven is a large Dutch insurance company and pension fund. Their ambition is to be the most innovative insurer in the Netherlands, so they actively invest in corporate startups to benefit from their learnings. They invited us to get on board as co-founders with FinancieelVitaal: creating insight and control after retirement finances.
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Identifying the problem

InnoLeaps was tasked with creating the first concept of FinancieelVitaal. They found the two top questions amongst their clients:

  • How much will I get when I retire and is that enough to sustain my current lifestyle?
  • When can I retire?

A lot of people have a hard time finding the answers. Limited long-term financial awareness and complicated, splintered information gets in the way. To top it off, the tone of voice insurers use can create extra distance. As a result, 80 percent of their clients are unaware that their current plan is insufficient to maintain their standard of living after retiring.

Two laptops displaying different components of personal pension overview on the FinancieelVitaal portal.

Finding the right balance

With the two burning questions in mind, time to find out how to visualise the answers for users. We improved the visualisation through a series of iterations. The tricky part is the balance: Users need enough information to get the full picture, but can get overwhelmed when given too much.

A first design was translated into a clickable prototype. Challenging ourselves to create different versions helped to continuously validate assumptions. The team successfully pitched for funding using our prototype at a demo day.

A screenshot of graphs for personal pension overview on the FinancieelVitaal portal.

"The Main Ingredient knows how to create value for you and your customers."
Mark Oversteegen - Startup Lead Zwitserleven

Making retirement finances future-proof

FinancieelVitaal is Zwitserleven’s first step to replace the current portals with a future-proof, easy-to-use solution. As co-founders, we are involved in ideation, design and development. An innovative platform that can improve the future of 500.000 people, preparing for takeoff.

A screenshot showing personalized tips on the FinancieelVitaal portal.