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August 2, 2020

Can we help prevent miscommunications during renovations with Homerun?

A common frustration during renovations is miscommunications about expectations, the planning and components that turn out to be more work than originally scheduled. ING Bank saw an opportunity in making this process more controllable, but they first had to find out if people really needed help handling their communications.
Validating the concept & building the MVP

With the initial idea in place, ING came to The Main Ingredient to help validate their idea. Because of our multidisciplinary team, hands-on approach and entrepreneurial vision, we quickly built a MVP out of it and helped hire their current CTO. The result: a breeding ground for the final team to bring Homerun to its ultimate heights in the future.

In 2021 Homerun evolved into Homigo. Check out their full story from MVP and beyond at: https://www.homigo.nl/‍