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April 6, 2018

A branded parcel delivery flow, a whitelabel solution for Sandd

Sending parcels is a fairly anonymous process for the sender. Sandd, which is now acquired by PostNL, saw an opportunity in doing this differently. Sandd2me added an unique element to the parcel delivering system with their white labeling strategy.
Building the whitelabel app

Sandd had the idea to enbale the various webshops to add their branding to all communications in the process, but they needed someone to build it for them. Because The Main Ingredient had proven their experience in design thinking and business development as co-founder for Returnista, of which Sandd was the first partner, Sandd came to us for help. Together we built a complete operational product called Sandd2me, including a digital customer journey which could be fully branded using a white label solution.