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August 11, 2019

Would people like to work less thanks to a flexible pension? Let’s find out!

We spend more than half of our lives working. That’s quite something considering the demanding nature of certain careers like the army, heavy construction work or nursing care. Especially in those jobs, it is imaginable retiring earlier or working a little less would be very desirable. Is this possible to achieve, though, within a society in which the age of retirement keeps increasing? A large Dutch pension provider found a possible solution: a more flexible pension we named Voor Strax, a product that gives you the opportunity to use your funds when you want to but is still safe towards your pension. The Main Ingredient helped validate this idea.‍
Do people really need a flexible pension?

Being able to use your retirement savings at an earlier stage to work less or retire early may sound like music to our ears. But will people really use a flexible pension to do so?

Our client wanted to validate this in the field and came to The Main Ingredient for our entrepreneurial vision, decisiveness and hands-on approach. Through our expertise in experimenting, prototyping and design thinking we conducted a qualitative proposition validation.

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“Within two weeks, The Main Ingredient specified what needed to be validated and clearly structured how to execute it.”
Client - Director Digital & Innovation

Let’s validate among potential users

We started using our Startup Scan, for which we teamed up with our client to list all risky assumptions and related experiments needed for the validation. Our main focus quickly became clear: Can the proposition succeed as it is currently framed?

We focussed on the best way of branding and storytelling for success, by taking the needs of the different target audiences as a starting point. Therefore, we got our hands dirty (like we always do).

We created several prototypes, which we tested by doing interviews with potential users to find out what their reasons were for buying and denying this prototype. We launched different landing pages with small nuances in the value proposition and launched targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn that's how we got users to commit.

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“During the startup scan, our collaboration with The Main Ingredient was very powerful due to great energy, speed and focus.”
Client - Director Digital & Innovation
Getting concrete quickly

A big challenge was to reach enough people during our prototyping. Together we decided it was best to introduce this new product under a new brand for a non-existing company. We knew this would introduce a barrier as we could not count on a lot of credibility, but it would offer opportunities to take some distance from the current pension market which is perceived as highly volatile and restrictive for many users.

Due to our hands-on approach we were able to make a very abstract idea concrete. In a short amount of time! In just three weeks, we succeeded to do a detailed proposition validation and gathered tangible results which we translated into a marketable product.

The result: a breeding ground for a great product-market fit.

“Our approach has put great energy into this project, which has had a positive impact on the entire team. Never underestimate the difficulty of receiving such energy.”
Paul Reijnierse - CEO The Main Ingredient

A promising product for the future

The client's goal to do a hands-on proposition validation succeeded. Now a promising product awaits. As the client’s director of digital and innovation said: “I strongly believe the product we created can have a great social impact, but the timing was just not right yet.”